About this site

The SOM VM Speed Center gives an overview of the performance of the different SOM implementations.

The goal is to compare the effiency reached by different implementation techniques for programming language implementation. Currently, we compare classic interpreter techniques used for CSOM and SOM++ with advanced approaches such as metatracing used for RPySOM and self-optimizing interpreters used for TruffleSOM.

This site runs on top of Django and Codespeed

About the benchmarks

The code can be found here.

About SOM

SOM is a minimal Smalltalk dialect used to teach VM construction at the Hasso Plattner Institute. It was originally built at the University of Ã…rhus (Denmark) where it was also used for teaching.

Main website: SOM

About Codespeed

Codespeed is a web application to monitor and analyze the performance of your code.

Code: github.com/tobami/codespeed

Wiki: wiki.github.com/tobami/codespeed/